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About Me

About Me and why I am doing this

Well, where to start……. This is always the most difficult part. I am in no way a writer , hell some days I barely string an English sentence together.

I guess the easiest way is to start at the beginning.

40 something 🙂 –  Husband,father,collector of things. Being Australian the outdoors has always been in my blood and BBQ cooking is something that is a part of the essence of who I am , and probably who we are as an Australian.

One of my earliest memories of having a BBQ would have been when I was about 7 or 8 , growing up on a dairy farm in a Far Nth Queensland. I can distinctly remember the welded together plow discs to form the base, a piece of water pipe another plow disc to form the fire pan and a flat plate on top of that. Simple , cheap – made from essentially scrap materials and effective. I am pretty sure it cooked 100’s of family BBQ’s all wood fired from what ever timber was laying around.

The first thing I remember on that BBQ – POP CORN – Yes POP corn !! not some lavish reverse seared tomahawk steak that we see these days – simple popcorn. It was always a treat cause the kids would all gather around the BBQ and wait for the POP and see who could catch it in their mouth. Not the greatest plan – but hey it was the early eighties. A time when bassinets on the car seat were still the preferred method to carry your baby around in a car. Isn’t it amazing that we are still here.

I guess from there it has been really something that has always been in the background. BBQing is a way of life, even as you ebb and flow through life there is seemingly always a BBQ not far away.

For me it has been in the form of gas BBQ’s ,  up until I wanted to try charcoal. Thanks to google and Youtube an endless pattern of research started. Looking at amazing food porn for hours and hours and hours – I think we have all fallen in a Youtube rabbit hole at some point…

And that is how we ended up here. I bought a Kamado Joe  – and LOVE it !!


This adventure wont be purely about Kamado cooking in all its forms – it will hopefully be a collection of my research , recipes , tools , hacks and hopefully also capture some other aspects of my love of the outdoors , camping , cooking on the fire etc.



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Photo Credit: “popcorn”, © 2009 Danielle Scott, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

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